How to Make Money With Kindle Publishing

Did you know that you can make a significant amount of money writing Kindle and publishing eBooks? You heard that correctly, Kindle is a gold mine in self publishing right now and its a gold mine that is waiting for you to cash in…but only if you

12 Cool Facts About The Kindle Store

So you just bought yourself a shiny new Kindle or perhaps you are in the process of buying one of these devices for yourself. The Kindle Store has so many great things in store for you. First, start off by taking a look at some of the

Make Traveling With Kids Easier With a Kindle/Tablet!

If you are traveling with a child or children, you know how challenging it can be sometimes to keep your child’s attention and focus. Children can sometimes have a short attention span, they can get cranky, and sometimes they simply want something to keep them occupied! Why

A Good Cover For Your Kindle DX 2

If you own the latest Kindle DX 2nd Generation, chances are you want to protect your ereader by using the best method possible.  In case you are looking for a good Kindle DX 2 cover to protect your ereader device from any knicks, cuts, scratches, scruffs and

Devicewear Rotating Vegan iPad Case

The elegant Devicewear Detour 360 Vegan iPad case is offers excellent and function protection for the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4th generation tablets. The case is well designed and easily snaps onto the iPad thus allowing you the flexibility to open and close the case

The Best Covers and Cases For The Kindle DX

If you are in the process of thinking about investing in a Kindle and specifically in a Kindle DX, or would like to own one in the future, It’s a fact that you may just have started to realize how great it can be to have your

Best Selling iPad 2 Cases: Top 5 Cases for the iPad 2

Want and iPad? Already have one and are just looking for the right accessories for your new device? Well the following are some of the top accessories for the iPad 2. Whether its the latest ipad 2 or the version before that, you’re in for a treat

Kobo Vs Nook Which One is Better?

On Monday, May 23, 2011, the Kobo Ereader was first introduced in the New York City BookExpo. A day later, Barnes and Noble launched the release of the new Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader. The Kobo eReader is actually very similar to the NOOK Simple

The Very Best iPad Cases & Covers

The iPad remains one of the most sought after portable ereader devices on the market at the moment.  If you are planning on purchasing the Apple iPad, you will find that with its price tag, you will definitely need to find a protective device for your new

Toblino 2 Leather iPad 2 Case Review

The Toblino 2 iPad 2 case is a luxurious leather iPad case that also has a nice finish and provides great protection for your tablet. This case has excellent sleep/wake function allowing you to wake up your tablet anytime you open or close it. Inside you will